More Martial Arts!

More Martial Arts!

Arrow icon Federal authorities on Thursday accused a Montgomery County karate instructor of sexually assaulting teenage students during sleepovers in the basement of his home and on trips to martial arts tournaments in Maryland and New York. All three reported waking up while sleeping in the same room with the instructor to find him performing sexual acts upon them. Yet, it was not until nearly four months later that Whitpain Township Police and Montgomery County Children and Youth Services began investigating the allegations after receiving an anonymous tip, the documents state. Burgess, authorities said, had been involved there for nearly two decades, first as a student who enrolled in karate lessons at the age of eight and later as a paid instructor. Andrew Kasmen, a lawyer representing business, said Thursday that owners, Fred and Dena DeStolfo, first learned of the accusations against Burgess in May and immediately met with parents for the three students. Each made only vague claims that Burgess had had inappropriate contact with their sons, Kasmen said. Kasmen did not know whether either office pursued the investigation from there. It was all out-of-state things. His accusers, however, say otherwise. The complaint filed in federal court in Philadelphia sketched out a classic scenario of predatory grooming.

First Look at Karate Kid Sequel Series Cobra Kai

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Arrow icon Saying he presents a danger to the community and could be a flight risk due to his international contacts, a judge in Philadelphia on Monday denied bail to a Montgomery County karate instructor charged with sexually assaulting a two students, ages 15 and Magistrate Judge Lynne A. Sitarski asked how he pleaded.

His attorney, federal defender Elizabeth Toplin, argued that Burgess, 26, should be released on bail, ordered to wear an electronic monitor, and be allowed to live in Blue Bell with his parents, who attended the hearing. She said he has no reason to go near his alleged victims or the former karate school where he worked, and therefore posed no danger to the community. Montgomery County District Attorney Federal authorities have accused karate teacher Evan Scott Burgess, 26, of Blue Bell, of molesting two students during out-of-town trips.

He was re-arrested days later after federal prosecutors took the case. In denying Burgess bail, Sitarski noted his international travels, including trips to Sweden, Africa, and Japan. He was escorted from the courtroom in handcuffs. On a trip to Maryland in August , a year-old boy told authorities, he woke up to find Burgess trying to have sex with him. The boy told investigators he jumped out of bed, left the hotel, and spent the night wandering the streets.

During a September trip to the New York City borough of Queens, a year-old boy told investigators, he woke up in his hotel bed to find Burgess groping his genitals through his clothing. Burgess is charged in those two cases with traveling in interstate commerce for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct or attempting to do so.

The maximum sentence upon conviction for each charge is 30 years, Witzleben said.

Feds: Montco karate teacher sexually assaulted students on out-of-state trips

Kids Karate Self-confidence and Respect for others is just part of what we teach! Stop by and see why both parents and kids love what we provide. The positive effects that training in the martial arts has for children are many. Considering all the challenges that young people face today, a foundation in honesty, integrity, and respect for self and others is exactly what they need to succeed.

Well, that and some serious self-defense skills. At South Shore Martial Arts Center, our classes are designed to provide your child with more than just traditional martial arts training, although they get plenty of that.

Le kyokushin (極真) ou kyokushinkai (極真会) est un style de karaté, fondé par Maître Masutatsu Oyama (大山倍達), de son véritable nom Choi Yeoung-eui.

A karate expert lollipop lady is ready to deal with inconsiderate drivers after getting an historic martial arts award at the age of Grandmother Ena Mallett is the first woman ever to get a 7th dan black belt in Spirit Combat International ju-jitsu. The widowed mother-of-two teaches weekly classes in the sport for children and adults at the village hall near her home in South Walsham, Norfolk.

Mrs Mallett started learning karate to keep fit in and became a Spirit Combat International instructor in Mrs Mallett started learning karate in and has been an instructor since Despite being only 5 ft 4 ins tall, she can throw around much larger opponents using self-defence techniques. I don’t just teach from the sidelines. I am not treated any different to anyone else. A lot of them come to my classes. She grabbed hold of the teenager to stop him stealing a packet of Polo mints while she was working part-time in a local shop.

I let him go and he ran away. I love teaching it and I certainly have no plans to give it up. I don’t see why I should put my feet up.


We honor him today by continuing many of the concepts he introduced. More History Okinawa, the birth place of karate ,has produced many versions or individual styles of its bare-handed fighting art. Some styles evolved from the teachings of different masters, other styles are indicative of a particular town, or villager family tradition handed down from one generation to another.

However in terms of the main stream of historical development of karate, there are really only two styles. Naha-Te was developed around the principal port city of Naha, a large trade center.

JAPAN KARATE DO RYOBU-KAI (JKR) is a professional, international, karate organization founded by Yasuhiro Konishi, and developed by his son, Yasuhiro (Takehiro) Konishi, 10th branches are located all over the world and are currently under the leadership of Kiyoshi Yamazaki, 9th Dan, who serves as Kaicho (President).. The style of karate taught by the JKR is called Shindo Jinen Ryu.

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Shotokan Kata is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organised into a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes and blocks. Body movement in various kata includes stepping, twisting, turning, dropping to the ground, and jumping. In Shotokan, kata is a performance or a demonstration, with every technique potentially a killing blow ikken hisatsu —while paying particular attention to form and timing rhythm.

As the karateka grows older, more emphasis is placed on the health benefits of practicing kata, promoting fitness while keeping the body soft, supple, and agile. Several Shotokan groups have introduced kata from other styles into their training.

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Thai Meteorological Department [5] Source 2: Office of Water Management and Hydrology, Royal Irrigation Department sun and humidity [6] History[ edit ] At the start of the Rattanakosin or Bangkok period in the late eighteenth century, when the capital was finally settled at Bangkok , an elephant kraal was established in Krabi by order of Chao Phraya Nakorn Noi , the governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat, which was by then a part of the Thai Kingdom. So many followers immigrated in the steps of the Phra Palad that soon Krabi had a large community in three different boroughs: Pakasai, Khlong Pon, and Pak Lao.

In , King Chulalongkorn elevated these to town status, called Krabi, a word that preserves in its meaning the monkey symbolism of the old standard. The town’s first governor was Luang Thep Sena, though it continued for a while as a dependency of Nakhon Si Thammarat.

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Training in the JKR is conducted in the traditional Japanese method, stressing discipline, consistent attendance, etiquette, and hard work. The curriculum also emphasizes Zanshin the ability of an exponent to gain dominance over an opponent through an alert state of mind and the maintenance of proper physical posture. The purpose in Shindo Jinen Ryu karate-do is to develop the whole human being, physically and mentally.

Happy from Kaicho Kiyoshi Yamazaki I hope you had great and joy-filled holidays! As we head into a new year, I wanted to take a moment to look back as well as look ahead.

Early Okinawan karate, or tode (“China Hand”) as it was called, owes its origin to a mixture of indigenous Okinawan fighting arts and various “foot fighting” systems .

That is, Karate is perfected only when both the mental and the technical physical are completed together. In Japanese, Karate-do means ’empty hand path’. This ‘Path’ or ‘Way’ as in ‘Do’ which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘Tao’ is a spiritual journey of self discovery, not to be confused with Taoism. In Karate, it represents the journey of mental and physical development through which each student must travel.

We believe there is only one way to learn Karate-do; through commitment, effort, patience, and self discipline. There are no short cuts. Although self defense is the common denominator of all martial arts, if you take away the physical techniques from many martial arts, little is left. However if you take them away from true Karate-do, you will still find a strong spiritual, ethical and moral foundation.

The traditional Karate dojo is a place of learning the ‘Way’ or simply put, a school of enlightenment. In it we learn to avoid physical confrontation whenever possible. Proper use of skills acquired: Only as a last resort is the use of one’s martial skill justified. Then and only then, and without any restriction or rules should these skills be used. This is what the tactical and strategic training of authentic traditional martial training is all about

Feds: Montco karate teacher sexually assaulted students on out-of-state trips

Okinawan Seito Matsumura Shorin-ryu is an old village style of karate taught as a highly aesthetic art form steeped in cultural tradition and extremely effective for personal protection. Shuri-ryu is a stylized sport form of karate that is very athletic and competition oriented. This dual approach to presenting karate results in a well rounded program which offers the best in fitness, self-defense, sport, authentic tradition, and fun.

Karate, the Japanese word applied in the early twentieth century to the Okinawan art of self-protection, has developed along three separate lines in accordance with the wants and needs of its practitioners. Those three branches of development are classical art, combat sport, and civil self-protection.

Okinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles and Secret Techniques [Mark Bishop] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From their roots in China, the historical development of each karate and kobudo system—Okinawa’s greatest cultural export—is presented here via the teachers who formulated them into the many fragmented styles practiced today throughout the world.

He did a couple of books on Hsing I. I have read those and your Karate does look like Hsing I. I used to pore over his books…such a brilliant man. Karate with Hsing Yi influence??? Lucy, we gots a Classical mess on our hands;- 1. Sampai Kenpo tough fighters and I saw them practice sanchin and tensho katas too 5. Shoto-kenpo can anyone say Benny the Jet 6. West Coast Shaolin Kenpo 9. East Coast Shaolin Kenpo Tracy Kenpo they HIRED all of their best fighters away from other schools back in the day … But if you want to learn how to make money the Tracy Brothers are your go to guys!!!

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Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate Do

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Award Winning, World Class and Professional Martial Arts Instruction at its finest. South Shore Martial Arts Center instructors are trained professionals at teaching the character building traits that develop black belts from the inside out; focus, self-discipline, self-control and perseverance to name a few.

Happy from Kaicho Kiyoshi Yamazaki I hope you had great and joy-filled holidays! As we head into a new year, I wanted to take a moment to look back as well as look ahead. With his passing, I assumed the position of president to continue that great work. I do so knowing that it is not possible without your cooperation and understanding.

Many challenges face our organization as we honor our history, hold fast to our traditions, and seek to remain an effective force for good in the cultures of countries around the globe. Teamwork is the key to mastering those challenges and to achieve our goal of building JKR into a stronger organization worldwide, united around the principles of karate-do. To foster teamwork, I ask your consideration of and adherence to the following: Be honest and faithful.

First Look at Karate Kid Sequel Series Cobra Kai

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Many congratulations to Devon Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Kai members BRYAN SMITH, DAISY GRUNDY & JOHN McPAKE on taking and passing at the first attempt their black belt 1st Dan at the end of the annual Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Academy Summer Course in three members train at our group’s hombu dojo at the Ken Shu Kan, Function Fitness, Torrington and have trained for ten years.


Kata + Bunkai GANKAKU by ITALY – FINAL 46th EKF European Karate Championships

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