I am pregnant- but irregular periods mean i dont know how many weeks??

I am pregnant- but irregular periods mean i dont know how many weeks??

Is having an ultrasound scan in pregnancy safe? Lovely as always and so accurate and conscientious. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you x” Kate, Derby “We came to Cherish for follicle tracking scans during our fertility treatment and I am so relieved to have found them! Diana and Jacqui were so sensitive to our situation and so informative it made the whole process easier to get through. Thank you so much! We will definitely be back when the time comes for our pregnancy scans.

Development Scans

Can the scan show the gender of my baby? What is actually done? Scans are usually performed by a doctors, midwives or radiographers who are specially trained in ultrasound, and are known as sonographers. The whole pregnancy will be assessed.

My period is unknown but had a dating scan 1st august 12 wee more Baby born 4th Feb but was due the 8th Feb My period is unknown but had a dating scan 1st august 12 weeks and 5 days. My period is unknown but had a dating scan 1st august 12 weeks and 5 days.

Overview Overview The estimation of pregnancy dates is important for the mother, who wants to know when to expect the birth of her baby, and for her health care providers, so they may choose the times at which to perform various screening tests and assessments, [ 1 ] such as serum screening, assessment of maturity, and induction of labor for postdate pregnancies. The 3 basic methods used to help estimate gestational age GA are menstrual history, clinical examination, and ultrasonography.

The first 2 are subject to considerable error and should only be used when ultrasonography facilities are not available. The date of feeling the first fetal movements quickening is far too unreliable to be useful. The date of the first documented positive pregnancy test and the beta-human chorionic gonadotropin bHCG level may help ascertain the minimum gestational age. In women who conceived following assisted reproduction techniques, the date of embryo transfer is known and may date the pregnancy accurately.

In rare cases, the date of coitus is known, and this may be useful in calculating the length of pregnancy. For related information, see Medscape’s Pregnancy Resource Center. Terminology Gestational age GA refers to the length of pregnancy after the first day of the last menstrual period LMP and is usually expressed in weeks and days. This is also known as menstrual age. Conceptional age CA is the true fetal age and refers to the length of pregnancy from the time of conception.

This terminology does vary geographically and over time, and it may need clarification if not explicitly defined in relevant articles.

What you need to know about irregular periods

Sign up now How can I track my menstrual cycle? To find out what’s normal for you, start keeping a record of your menstrual cycle on a calendar. Begin by tracking your start date every month for several months in a row to identify the regularity of your periods. If you’re concerned about your periods, then also make note of the following every month: How long does your period typically last? Is it longer or shorter than usual?

Usually the expected date of delivery (EDD or EDC) is calculated from your last menstrual period – if the early dating scan calculates the EDD to be within 5 days of the EDD from your last menstrual period. The EDD from the early dating scan is used – if the last menstrual period is not known or is unreliable, or the dating scan differs from the last menstrual period dating by more than 5 days.

The scan is non-invasive and can diagnosis many disorders of the male reproductive system. Routine scrotal ultrasound testes ultrasound provides more valuable information about pathological conditions compared to clinical examination and can check for evidence of conditions such as retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory duct obstruction. The testes scan scrotal ultrasound will evaluate the size, shape and condition of the testis, scrotum, epididymis and surrounding sac.

Common problems which can show on the scan are masses, calcification, cysts, varicoceles, spermatoceles and hydrocele. The scan is useful to accurately predict when ovulation is expected in order to maximise the chances of natural fertilisation and implantation of the egg. In the case of fertility treatment when the egg implantation is best performed. The scan is useful to accurately predict when ovulation might be expected to maximise the chances of the egg being fertilised by natural means.

In the case of fertility treatment the ultrasound scan will determine how many follicles are present and when egg extraction is best performed. Usually a series of scans is performed, usually commencing around day 7—9 from your last menstrual cycle.

16 weeks pregnant – all you need to know

Treatment Many women commonly have heavy flow days and cramps when they have their period. Heavy periods are sometimes caused by subtle health problems, and they can lead to other health issues. If you soak through a pad or tampon every hour or so on a regular basis, talk with your doctor.

The largest study to test vitamin D and omega-3 pills in healthy adults found they did little to prevent cardiovascular disease, but hinted at benefits for groups including African-Americans.

If you suffer from ongoing bleeding problems, see your local doctor for a full assessment to make sure there is no underlying disorder causing the problem. In many women, the cause of the bleeding is not found. During each monthly cycle, the lining of the womb uterus gets thicker in readiness for pregnancy. A menstrual period occurs when a pregnancy has not taken place. The lining of the uterus is shed and the loss is 50 per cent blood, which can vary from bright red to dark brown. After each period, the whole cycle starts again.

The range of causes includes infection and hormonal changes. A period can last from three to 10 days, and occur every three to six weeks. This pattern can vary with age, stress, diet, exercise and inherited factors. The flow can also vary.

Dating Pregnancy Irregular Periods

Last menstrual period The most common method of calculating your due date is by taking the first day of your last menstrual period LMP , adding 7 days, and then counting backward 3 months. Prior to the advent of ultrasound , medical professionals determined gestational age by the LMP since most women knew the first date of their last period but did not know the date of conception.

This terminology is still in common use. Your Last Menstrual Period You’ve just started your last period at least for a while:

Whilst the test is over 99% accurate at detecting the pregnancy hormone from the day of the expected period, it’s possible to get a pregnant result and find out later that you’re not pregnant (i.e. you may later get a not pregnant result, or your period may start).

Lisa I have not been diagnosed as having any kind of cancer, yet the first GYN ontological surgeon I visited recommended a total hysterectomy, even though my CA score was 7. I sought a second opinion and got a very different suggestion – a laparoscopic removal of my ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Everyone is so scared of ovarian and cervical cancer, and rightly so, as they are most often not discovered until they are rather advanced. However, my first opinion surgeon seemed to me to be jumping the gun.

My second opinion doctor still must look at the sonograms and MRI before her final opinion, which she should be giving me this week first week of One approach is to take everything out to prevent having to operate again in the future. The other approach is to take out only what seems threatening. It seems there really is no clear way to go to me. Carol Johnson Our house burned to the ground on April 4

Please help me to stop the periods immedietly because tommorw i have a dating with my boyfriend?

Read now Complications Irregular periods can sometimes indicate a health problem, and some of these can lead to further problems, such as fertility issues. Polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS is a condition in which a number of small, fluid-filled sacs known as cysts develop in the ovaries. A woman with PCOS does not ovulate, and she does not release an egg every month.

Symptoms include irregular or no periods, obesity , acne , and excess hair growth. Women with PCOS have unusually high levels of the male sex hormone, androgen, or testosterone. Girls as young as 11 years old have been diagnosed with PCOS.

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A pelvic or gynaecologic ultrasound is an ultrasound of the female pelvis. Most pelvic ultrasounds are performed using both the transabdominal and transvaginal approaches. Transabdominal ultrasound involves scanning through your lower abdomen. Transabdominal ultrasound usually provides an overview of the pelvis rather than detailed images. The transabdominal assessment is particularly helpful for the examination of large pelvic masses extending into the abdomen, which are not always well viewed with transvaginal ultrasound.

A small amount of ultrasound gel is put on the skin of the lower abdomen, with the ultrasound probe then scanning through this gel. The gel helps improve contact between the probe and your skin. Transvaginal ultrasound is an internal ultrasound. It involves scanning with the ultrasound probe lying in the vagina.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have irregular periods and ovulation normally then it could be hard to tell when you last ovulated and conceived. Best to go to your GP and they’ll send you for a blood test and a dating scan.

Read More I have never noticed an irregular heartbeat before and it has me quite concerned especially since I am 4 weeks away from my due date and do not know how this will effect my delivery or my baby. Throughout my pregnancy I have worked out times per week by walking I ran until month 6 , including teaching toning, and calisthenic classes. I noticed that after my walks my heart is beating normally, but returns to the irregular pattern after a few hours.

Read More Due date July 9th I think my conception was Oct 13th, 17th or 18th.. Read More Most women ovulate about 14 days before their periods start, unless you have irregular periods, or if you know when your period was due about two weeks before that is when you conceived.

Did you go by last period date or scan date?

WA, Australia Total posts: If so how did you find out how far along you are I dont want to wait till the 12 week ultrasound I just found out via home pregnancy tests that I am pregnant i figured that 5 positives meant i was and i have no idea how far along i am! My mother says my lmp was the 13th of March 06 Because we are due around the same time but i am not so sure My cycle is anywhere from 35 to 40 days with no set day AF comes I have averaged it to 38 days so i was basically due for a period from 17th nd of april give or take a few days.

Doris My symptoms were lack of appetite, loss of usual energy, difficulty breathing, very tender abdomen and what I thought was IBS. A nurse PA had done my yearly physical July and dismissed my suggestion of a colonoscopy because I had one two years previously.

Long-term effects[ edit ] Menopause confers: A possible but contentious increased risk of atherosclerosis. Induced menopause occurs as a result of medical treatment such as chemotherapy , radiotherapy , oophorectomy , or complications of tubal ligation , hysterectomy , unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy or leuprorelin usage. The average age of the last period in the United States is 51 years, in the United Kingdom is 52 years, in Ireland is 50 years and in Australia is 51 years. In India and the Philippines , the median age of natural menopause is considerably earlier, at 44 years.

Coeliac disease can present with several non-gastrointestinal symptoms, in the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms, and most cases escape timely recognition and go undiagnosed, leading to a risk of long-term complications. A strict gluten-free diet reduces the risk. Women with early diagnosis and treatment of coeliac disease present a normal duration of fertile life span.

Other factors that can promote an earlier onset of menopause usually 1 to 3 years early are smoking cigarettes or being extremely thin. The functional disorders often significantly speed up the menopausal process. An early menopause can be related to cigarette smoking, higher body mass index , racial and ethnic factors, illnesses, and the surgical removal of the ovaries , with or without the removal of the uterus.

The reasons for this are not completely understood.

Shroud of Turin

Authors and contributors Normal beta-hCG levels The chorion, one of the outer membranes that cover the human embryo and assists in placental formation, starts producing hCG after the embryo implants in the uterus, which usually occurs within 8 to 10 days after conception. The time it takes for beta hCG to duplicate during pregnancy allows measuring the speed at which placental development will take place.

Slow growth speed may be an indicator that there is some sort of problem or that the woman is at risk of miscarrying. Often, when the rate of increase in hCG levels between the first and second test is slow, a third and sometimes even a fourth hCG test is usually performed at two-day intervals with the purpose of analyzing how the levels are increasing. The fact that there is no sign of hCG increase after the third and fourth test usually translates into a bad prognosis.

The truth is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to tell if you have a blighted ovum just by your symptoms and really the only way to know for sure is by having the ultrasound scan done so that they can look at your uterus and determine if there is an embryo present or not or just the gestational sac.

After all, over million women worldwide use an IUD. In my practice I treat a lot of women for hormonal issues such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, problems with conception, as well as a host of thyroid and adrenal gland related disorders. These women would be extremely distraught if they got pregnant, so I yield and help them deal with the negative effects of the hormones. But I am adamantly against IUDs. The purpose of this article is inform women, based off my clinical experience as well as current research, regarding the prevalent IUD problems associated with these devices.

Basically there are two main types of IUDs. Then there is a copper IUD which is sold under the brand name Paraguard. Mirena releases a continuous low amount of synthetic progesterone which acts to thicken the cervical mucus to keep sperm from penetrating the ovum. As there is some hormonal influence with Mirena, some women use it to help with heavy menstrual bleeding.

How to calculate age of fetus after positive pregnancy test? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

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