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Looking at their contents now, I’m impressed, if not universally, any more than I was back then, by the quality of the selection–it was a good year to start reading new fiction, though it’s usually if not always a good year to do so. The Stephen Donaldson story was also not up to most of the rest of the Carr fantasy selections. Lin Carter likewise could let nostalgia and desire to play up Conan and such overwhelm his annual, but Arthur Saha, who would inherit the series on his own after Carter’s death, probably was already being felt in this volume in some of the more innovative choices. Multiple appearances across several volumes include those of John Varley, with four appearances of two different stories three reprints of “The Persistence of Vision” , four appearances with three different stories for Michael Bishop and three with three for Thomas Disch the O. Henry volume was indexed for WorldCat by a proud fellow Minnesotan , three inclusions of two stories by Gregory Benford, likewise three inclusions for two stories by Joan D. Vinge, and, as noted, three appearances with three different stories by Stephen King. It really was a very good year for Disch and Bishop amd Janet Fox. John Varley’s “The Persistence of Vision” certainly blew me and the award voters away in and into the next year, though even from the first reading it struck me as more fantasy than sf, and perhaps in more than one way though Varley’s sexual libertinism certainly struck a chord with 13yo me, and I’m somewhat in sympathy with that attitude still, with certain reservations. Look at all that established and emerging talent in the Pushcart

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In un successivo articolo, sotto la voce muraria, arte verranno considerate le tecniche murarie degli edifici pubblici e privati e i materiali da costruzione in pietrame diverso dal marmo, per il quale si rimanda alla voce marmo. La scelta di una delle maniere dei due gruppi ha immediate conseguenze sul piano pratico per i diversi metodi di lavorazione richiesti. Per ambedue i gruppi, poi, le finiture decorative del paramento esterno solchi, lisciatura dei margini, spianatura a martello, ecc.

Il paramento esterno non mostra solitamente alcuna finitura di superficie, a parte qualche lieve, sporadica rettifica della faccia di cava in vista.

Vitrification of High Level Waste in the UK. control of th e base gla ss f eedstock and other additives, dating from the early development.

The capability to routinely measure low concentrations of stable and radioactive cosmogenic nuclides has led to new methods for addressing long-standing geologic questions and has provided insights into rates and styles of surficial processes. The different physical and chemical properties of the six most widely used nuclides: The terrestrial in situ cosmogenic nuclide method is beginning to revolutionize the manner in which we study landscape evolution.

Single or multiple nuclides can be measured in a single rock surface to obtain erosion rates on boulder and bedrock surfaces, fluvial incision rates, denudation rates of individual landforms or entire drainage basins, burial histories of rock surfaces and sediment, scarp retreat, fault slip rates, paleoseismology, and paleoaltimetry. Ages of climatic variations recorded by moraine and alluvium sediments are being directly determined.

Advances in our understanding of how cosmic radiation interacts with the geomagnetic field and atmosphere will improve numerical simulations of cosmic-ray interactions over any exposure duration and complement additional empirical measurements of nuclide production rates. The total uncertainty in the exposure ages is continually improving. This article presents the theory necessary for interpreting cosmogenic nuclide data, reviews estimates of parameters, describes strategies and practical considerations in field applications, and assesses sources of error in interpreting cosmogenic nuclide measurements.

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Abstract Prenatal testosterone exposure may be protective against disordered eating. However, prior studies have produced mixed results. Developmental differences in prenatal testosterone’s protective effects on disordered eating may explain these discrepancies. Indeed, studies have differed in the age of participants assessed, with data supporting prenatal testosterone effects on disordered eating in early adolescent and young adult samples but not in late adolescence.

Background: Little is known about the temporal directionality of relationships between problematic internet use and personality disorders such as narcissism.

With its newfound independence, and the triumph of the republican movement, Mexico set out to diminish the Catholic Church ‘s power within Alta California by secularizing the California missions in Between and , thirty-eight rancho land grants were issued in the Santa Clara Valley , 15 of which were located within modern day San Jose’s borders. Numerous prominent historical figures were among those granted rancho lands in the Santa Valley, including James A.

By , the population of the pueblo had increased to , primarily due to American immigration. Foreign settlement in San Jose and California was rapidly changing Californian society, bringing expanding economic opportunities and foreign culture. It was the first school accredited in California to give degrees to women. On December 15, , San Jose became the capital of the unorganized territory of California.

It was incorporated on the same day as San Diego and Benicia ; together, these three cities followed Sacramento as California’s earliest incorporated cities. Monterey was the capital during the period of Spanish California and Mexican California. These activities were led principally by John Montgomery and his peers. Montgomery Elementary School in his honor. Over people died at the Agnews Asylum later Agnews State Hospital after its walls and roof collapsed, [55] and San Jose High School’s three-story stone-and-brick building was also destroyed.

The period during World War II was a tumultuous time. Japanese Americans primarily from Japantown were sent to internment camps , including the future mayor Norman Mineta.

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By Charlie Stross One of the things that goes with being an SF writer is that people expect you to talk about, well, the future. Last week, engineering consultancy TNG Technology Consulting invited me to Munich to address one of their technology open days. Here’s a transcript of my talk, which discusses certain under-considered side effects of some technologies that you’re probably already becoming familiar with. Note that this is a long blog entry — even by my verbose standards — so you’ll need to hit on the “continue reading” link to see the whole thing.

Good afternoon, and thank you for inviting me here today. I understand that you’re expecting a talk about where the next 20 years are taking us, how far technology will go, how people will use the net, and whether big shoulder pads and food pills will be fashionable.

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Can you see the green coloured box? It’s just doing something, the funny thing’s spinning around. Wait, I’m transferring this call to my senior supervisor MH: Okay, thank you, I’m really worried. I’m going to guide you, what can you see on the screen MH: I’ve got a problem with my machine apparently, which I’m a bit worried about MH: Yes, a dot then com, [spells out] c-o-m’ MH: Okay, I think I’ve got that now. Is it fixed now? No, it’s not fixed, you’re getting a remote control now MH: Let me do that now then.

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Internet addiction prevalence and quality of real life: A meta-analysis of 31 nations across seven world regions. Cyberpsychol Behav Soc Netw ; 17 A systematic review of epidemiological research for the last decade. Curr Pharm Des ; 20 The emergence of a new clinical disorder.

Rostam – There are some classical papers on this (dating back at least to the early ‘s). As I recall, they show that in a 2 compartment model Vz increases linearly with clearance. I am not sure what the slope is, but it PharmPK Discussion List Archive Index page.

Sever mi Park reporter Paul Stephens can be reached at When the house hits the auction block on July Rothenberg saui tf sonievc? Chase’s approach to selling her home was a new trend ut-viewed iijmpendxaii. There are just more sellers than buyers. So this is a good way to move property quickly,” Mrs. Feliciano said this was only the second time she knew of a home in Severna Park being sold this way. The auctions of Ms. Chase’s home and other residences were listed through Property Auctions in several newspapers and magazines throughout the region, giving sellers more exposure to potential buyers “It provides a way to market Severna Park properties in other areas,” she said.

She said people are asking more for their properties and “getting what they wanted for the house. Isennock, an auctioneer and president of Isennock Auction Services Inc. Her company handles 30 to 50 auctions a year throughout the Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland and-expects a large number of people for Ms. Although she did not have specific numbers, Ms.

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This is also true of many of the nurses, corpsmen, orderlies and drivers listed as guest stars. The show reached the top ten program list the following year, and never fell out of the top twenty rated programs during the remainder of its run. In many ways the series set the standard for some of the best programming to appear later.

Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding Purchase Order General Provisions and Other Procurement Forms.

Al sopravvenire di Apollo, Posidone si ritira al Tenaro. Apollo, dio greco d’Asia Minore, immigra a D. Grande influenza ha sempre esercitato il santuario delfico, e specialmente nelle fondazioni di colonie, nelle purificazioni, nelle istituzioni di culti. E la condotta di D. Dapprima si ha un periodo amfizionico VIII sec.: Di tutta la zona archeologica abbiamo la descrizione di Pausania v.

Il tempio arcaico – circa a. Essa era sorretta da 20 colonne doriche alle quali corrispondono dentro la cella 10 colonne corinzie, delle quali 3 sono state rimontate con capitello corinzio di sapore arcaico in quanto acanto e volute non sono connessi tra loro. La parte O del recinto, con muri di sostegno in poligonale del VI sec. Vicini sono i resti di un edificio del V sec.

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The investment is part of a program-wide goal of being carbon neutral by and carbon positive by , Support Services Administrator Bill Bowdle said. To be carbon positive, it must offset more than it emits. The goals are ambitious, but attainable. Twenty-five Northern California organizations were awarded community health grants, including school districts, youth and family services and community coalitions that bring together a variety of stakeholders and agencies to serve people that historically shy away from getting mental health services.

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All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Abstract Background The evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis during Precambrian times entailed the diversification of strategies minimizing reactive oxygen species-associated damage. Four families of oxygen-carrier proteins hemoglobin, hemerythrin and the two non-homologous families of arthropodan and molluscan hemocyanins are known to have evolved independently the capacity to bind oxygen reversibly, providing cells with strategies to cope with the evolutionary pressure of oxygen accumulation.

Oxygen-binding hemerythrin was first studied in marine invertebrates but further research has made it clear that it is present in the three domains of life, strongly suggesting that its origin predated the emergence of eukaryotes. Overall, oxygen-binding hemerythrin homologues were found in the same proportion as single-domain and as long protein sequences. The associated functions of protein domains in long hemerythrin sequences can be classified in three major groups: This suggests that in many organisms the reversible oxygen-binding capacity was incorporated in signaling pathways.

A maximum-likelihood tree of oxygen-binding hemerythrin homologues revealed a complex evolutionary history in which lateral gene transfer, duplications and gene losses appear to have played an important role. Conclusions Hemerythrin is an ancient protein domain with a complex evolutionary history. The distinctive iron-binding coordination site of oxygen-binding hemerythrins evolved first in prokaryotes, very likely prior to the divergence of Firmicutes and Proteobacteria, and spread into many bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic species.

The later evolution of the oxygen-binding hemerythrin domain in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes led to a wide variety of functions, ranging from protection against oxidative damage in anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms, to oxygen supplying to particular enzymes and pathways in aerobic and facultative species. Introduction Before the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesizers, sources of free oxygen were scarce [ 1 ].

Accumulation of free atmospheric oxygen during the Precambrian [ 1 — 3 ] is, undoubtedly, one of the major changes in the history of the planet and may be considered the most significant biogeochemical process after the origin of life itself.

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This page will be updated frequently, check back for the most up-to-date information. Districts 2 and 4 will have elections in November , and Districts 1, 3, and 5 to have elections in November On June 20th, the City Council selected Map with Districts 2 and 4 to have elections in November and Districts 1, 3, and 5 to have elections in November

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Employee – if you are a regular employee, your employer has the obligation to pay your monthly contribution which will deduct on your salary. Voluntary member, self-employed and OFW — are those member who give contribution from minimum contribution to their desired contribution. Go to the nearest SSS branch where you lived. Go to information desk or ask the guard and ask for RS-5 form or contributions payment form.

Fill up the necessary details in the form. Submit to cashier for checking and payment. LBC, Western Union and others , accept payment for SSS contribution unless if your monthly contribution is updated if not they will not accept any payment. It should be always updated, so pay always on time to avoid going to any SSS Branch for your convenience. After the payment, your contribution will appear in your ESI, 3 days of working days and a text will be receive from the SSS for the confirmation of your contribution.

Go to the website https: Or just Log-in if you have already have. Once Log-in, click Inquiry under E-services tab. For unsupported browser an instruction will pop up at the center of the screen, just click Ok to reload the page.

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All bidders agree to the conditions of sale as stated below: Hermann Historica oHG acts as commissioner for unnamed consignors. All business is conducted in Euro.

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